Instincts are Misleading

by Natively Foreign

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released November 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Natively Foreign Michigan

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Track Name: Places
I remember the days
with my body in school but my mind was far away:
thinking of ways that you could be
forever alone with me.

As you sat under the oak,
you thought all my doing was just another joke,
so you dropped it and it blew away:
taken by the wind to a further, different place.

Of all the places it goes
it never arrives at your home;
the one place it belongs,
the only place all along.

You rode off in his car
as you drove to a place that wasn't very far,
but it was still too much
distance that my love could never cross.

Of all the places it goes
it never arrives at your home;
the one place it belongs,
the only place all along.
Track Name: Breathe The Sky
Breathe the sky.

Calm your eyes.

Let them see

Where you should be
Track Name: Contemplating Minds
These mirrors don’t do what they’re supposed to do:
they reflect a boy who feels the best that he could,
but it doesn’t show the person crying out below:
the one who cries out, but the words never reach his mouth.

They just stay inside
his contemplating mind.

And every time I start to think that everything’s fine,
I see my reflection, and I realize my lonely direction
to a place of exclusion from the people that had drawn the conclusion
that I was afraid to speak the statements I could never say.

They just stay inside
my contemplating mind.

But that one time,
when you held your hand in mine,
was the best moment of my life
cause everything wrong felt right.
Track Name: Ships
Waiting for ships to arrive:
carrying useless supplies.
Vessels that look to the skies,
but tonight the stars aren’t aligned.

Sailing the unknown abyss:
trying to find the one thing that you miss,
but it’s hard when you don’t even know
what that one thing is.

We’re not gonna float
in your worn-down boat
cause it’s filled to the brim
with the tears that you've cried over him.
Track Name: Self Discovery
With everything changing,
I can’t keep up.
I feel left behind,
with no help when I look up.

No help from above.
No help from anyone.

Everyone seems to grow up
faster than me,
and it’s hard to realize that
I’ll be the last to learn who I’m supposed to be.

Who am I supposed to be?
Track Name: Lake Michigan
The sandy shores
of Lake Michigan
make me feel at home:
make me fit in.

The festival’s lights
make me feel so warm
till others take them down
selfishly for their own.

The six one six
never felt alone
till everybody else
left him on his own.

Left him on his own.

As I watched you try
to hopelessly count the grains
I gained a new sight
that this is just your game.
Track Name: Always Be Dear
I locked myself outside
Into the cold, dark night,
and the streetlights gave no light,
but my eyes were still bright.

And my path had never been so clear.

I walked home in the road
with the cars’ fading red glow,
and for once I wasn’t torn
cause I didn’t care anymore

And my path had never been so clear
cause to me you would always be dear.