Please, Keep Moving

by Natively Foreign

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released November 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Natively Foreign Michigan

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Track Name: Begin
Why does everyone care
to argue where we're going
cause only once we're there
will we be the ones truly knowing
that everything we did here was worthless
if we didn't work towards our souls
so that is why I'm trying to turn this
heart inside of me that's cold
by starting over
to begin
Track Name: Equations
I'm so sick of your equations
that made yourself feel good
that you have the only answer
that could truly be understood

Your solution is so tempting
to find comfort in
but comfort isn't what I long for
it's sight among the mist

I wish that you'd give me one chance
to show you how you're missing out
cause one night with us together
would be better than your equations
Track Name: Seasonal Infatuation
We piled in my car
as December closed in
and it did not seem far
inside from Autumn's wind

But I'm not gonna hide this time

There's something about the cold
in every Winter
that makes me feel so warm
even while love withers

But I'm not gonna wait this time
for you to make up your mind
on which season you'll find
the weather that'll make you mine
Track Name: The Forest
I watched you swing an axe
straight into a pine
and with a menacing grin you said
"don't worry, it'll be fine"

But the forest fought back

You kept degrading the woods
without a single care
shouting violently as you stood
on a stump while I cowardly stared

But the forest fought back
you had no idea what you were up against
and the creatures began to scratch
out all the traces that you left

I went back alone
to where you cut all hope
and I tried to plant some seeds
to let the hope regrow
Track Name: Selfish Suffocation
The wind blew against
my face as I inhaled
a taste which told me that
I'm not welcome here

I watched as everyone
ungratefully breathed in
what wasn't theirs to have
and I know they knew it

I hope that you
all don't suffocate
from taking the air
out of this place

I seem to put in
more than I receive
trading oxygen
for all your selfish needs

cause I'm afraid you
all will suffocate
from taking the air
out of this place
by your deep breaths
that fill your selfish lungs
to speak sharp words that
cut your own tongues
Track Name: Unwanted Dependency
Prove to me that you're evolving
cause you seem worse than yesterday
all we're doing is falling
down the decline of the human race

You say you're getting better
and I say that I'm getting worse
you say you're independent
but my dependency always hurts

Cause I depend on a being
that never shows himself to me
why does he continue fleeing
allowing so much suffering

If your always right
then that means that I'm always wrong
but if I end up right
you should've listened all along

But I don't blame you at all
for ignoring everything I say
I find myself doing the same
debating insanity everyday

Cause I depend on a being
that never shows himself to me
why does he continue fleeing
allowing so much suffering
but I can't seem to find
any answers for my head
they'll only truly come
after the release of death
Track Name: Flash Floods
The floods came in
and made this shallow town swim
submerging every street and building
as the people gathered and began to sing

and they sang
"oh no, this district's closed"

Isn't it a shame
that water kills our brains
as it did for everyone here
making them brainlessly cheer

and the cheered
"oh no, this district's closed"
Track Name: Illumination
Please don't even try
to tell my one more easy lie
I've heard way too much
about your indifferent touch

So please
Illuminate me

You try to cover it up
by saying that you have no love
but I know that that's not true
because love is in front of you

So please
Illuminate me

Now you're on your own
without a place to call your home
so you say that you want back in
but why should I keep listening

So please
Illuminate me
Track Name: Nomadic Organ
With the sun setting on this evening
I'll try not to place my bets
on your heart that's constantly fleeting
a nomadic organ that's never at rest

Constantly moving

Your nomadic organ is out of tune
yet you still play it
and the sound it makes is a pitiful truth
that no one here gives a shit

So you keep moving

Please, keep moving